Our story

Created in 2018, Connected Places is rooted in co-production, open source and user centred design.

Connected Places was born out of a requirement for The Royal Borough of Kingston Council in 2018. Following an in-depth market review the council decided to commission the co-design and development of their own digital platform to facilitate social prescribing in the borough.

Aligning with the Government Digital Service (GDS) Manual was fundamental to the project. A key tenet of the standard is that new platforms should be made “in the open’' with code being developed under an open source license.

Following a competitive tendering process, Ayup Digital were appointed and subsequently forged a close and collegiate relationship with both the Digital & IT team and the local VCS (Kingston KVA). The project team engaged a wide range of stakeholders during an in-depth discovery phase which was followed by a co-design and agile development phase.

The result of this initial piece of work with Kingston was version 1.0 of the platform. It was released under AGPLv3 license and made available for other local authorities and like-minded organisations to re-use and benefit from Kingston’s investment.


A growing community of early adopters benefiting from the open source approach to Connected Places

May 2018

Commissioned by Kingston Council

Kingston Upon Thames Council Logo
June-August 2018

Discovery and co-design of MVP

Kingston Upon Thames Council Logo
September 2018

Release of public beta

Kingston Upon Thames Council Logo
October 2018-May 2019

Co-design and development of new features and functionality

Kingston Upon Thames Council Logo
June 2019

Commissioned by Leeds City Council to re-use code for experimental development of single source of truth for voluntary sector (LOOP)

Leeds City Council Logo
March 2020

Commissioned by Healthy London Partnership to deploy and develop an instance for North London, currently named Healthplace.io

Healthy London Partnership logo
January 2021

Commissioned by Hounslow Council to deploy and localise platform for the Community Solutions team

London Borough of Hounslow Council Logo
September 2021

Commissioned by Sutton Council to deploy and localise platform for Community Solutions

London Borough of Sutton Council Logo
Winter 2022

Version 2 of Connected Places, bringing together all features and developments into one single repository

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